Marldon Village, Devon

Marldon Village, Devon

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  Marldon Village, Devon
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Marldon Village, Devon
2015 Campaign
Summer petition,
28% response from local people in just 1 month
Covert speed study
School poster competition

Proforma letters to Devon County Council
  2016 Objectives
Zebra crossing at the primary school
Form a Speed Watch Group

Presentation to HATOC ( Highways and Traffic Orders Committee)

A word from chairman Mike Morrison

For some time I have found myself feeling increasingly concerned about the speed of traffic through our village and having posted comments on the Street Life forum, I was surprised and heartened by the response from other members of the village community who felt the same....

A few of us decided to get together and on the first of July 2015, a public meeting was held at the Old Smokey Public House to gather the opinions of other villagers.  The meeting was attended by over 50 local people and it was decided to create a petition to formally express a wish for a reduction of overall traffic speed to 20mph throughout the Parish.

A petition has gone around the village and has been sent to our MP, Sarah Wollaston, Marldon Parish Council, South Hams District Council and Devon County Council.

The School Poster Competition  -  winners

Marldon Village, Devon
First prize KS1 - Jennifer
  Marldon Village, Devon
   First Prize KS2 - Sabree

The Marldon Speed Reduction Group (MSRG) welcomes anyone who would like to help support us, and further details and latest developments on our campaign can be found on our public Facebook page of Marldon Speed Reduction Group.
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