Marldon Village, Devon

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This picture is dated approx. year 1860 and is taken from almost the same position as appears on the Home Page, on this website!

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The Marldon Local History Group formally came into being on 11th September 2001, on the initiative of a group of about a dozen enthusiasts who had been meeting informally for the previous 12 months or so.

The Group has a formal Constitution, a Committee and the usual Officers. The formal objective of the Group is

"the promotion and the study of the history of the Parish of Marldon, the surrounding area, the collection and preservation of archival material, and the dissemination of information on it through meetings, publications and other appropriate activities."

The Group quickly discovered that there is a great interest in the Parish about the history of the Parish, especially in the comparatively recent social history with which the older members of the community can relate and identify. This is reflected in the continuing success of and attendances at the Group's quarterly Open Meetings, which are open to Members and non-members, and at which the Group displays any newly acquired material as well as existing appropriate material. Our Open Meetings have a Speaker or theme of local or seasonal interest, and have become an incentive for both Members and non-members to bring to us their own personal contribution to our ever increasing Archive.

Whilst on the subject of social history, the Group is also anxious to add to its collection of recordings and transcripts of parishioners (or former parishioners) relating their memories of life in the Parish. To many, this is not "real history", but it will be one day and if it is not recorded soon it will be lost forever. So if you are interested in this, and think that you could talk to our older residents and coax their memories out of them, please get in touch.

In addition to our own Archive of material, the Group has catalogued for easy reference the Minute Books and other papers belonging to Marldon Parish Council (dating back to its formation in 1894) and all material published by the Devonshire Association relating or referring to Marldon. The Group also has copies of the Parish Church records of births, marriages and deaths dating back to 1598 which are also available at the County Records Office in Exeter.

The Group has recently completed its own survey of the Upper Churchyard, recording all (legible) inscriptions on Gravestones, Headstones and Memorials. It also has a copy of a (previous) very detailed survey of the Lower Churchyard, complete with monumental inscriptions, map and index. A copy of this combined, comprehensive record is available in the Church as well as forming part of the Group's Archive. Individual or Family details can be printed if required for genealogy purposes.

The Group is also compiling its own bibliography of Marldon, and is anxious to add to its small collection of books which are about, or refer to, the Parish. In addition, it is willing to copy old title deeds, which are often another source of interesting information, revealing not only who owned what in the past, but incidental information such as field names and old tithe numbers.

The author Elizabeth Goudge lived in Marldon between 1939 and 1951, and wrote some of her best known books during that period, some of which feature or are based on well known local places e.g. Compton, Berry Pomeroy and Torquay. The Group aim to acquire a complete library of her books and already have several titles, including a few signed first editions.

Group's membership is well over 100. Annual General Meetings are held each September, and the annual subscription is only £5, which includes free admission to all Open Meetings.

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